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lady_medsLife is unpredictable, and a call for help could be needed at anytime. Begin protecting your loved ones and experience the comfort and peace of mind that comes from living with Lifeline.

The HomeSafe service costs about a dollar a day, there are no hidden costs, no long-term contracts, and you may discontinue the service at any time.
To speak with a local Lifeline representative, call the toll-free number below.

If you have questions about your current Lifeline service, call 1-800-499-9838.


What Lifeline Costs

caregiver-sub-aa-lrzHomeSafe System:
$29.95 / mo.

  • 2 month minimum commitment
  • $25.00 Installation
  • Free Key Lock Box
  • Low income scholarships available
TinyH4H6929Auto Alert
$44.95 / mo. for extra protection from falls.

  • 2 month minimum commitment.
  • Free Lock Box
  • $25.00 Installation
Lifeline ServicesVoice Extension
+$10.00 / mo. A must for 2-story or large homes.

  • Landline use only




How does Lifeline Work?

In three easy steps, get the help you need

1-10px-wider-scale-compensated1Summon help
Simply push your Lifeline Personal Help Button. If you have our NEW Lifeline with AutoAlert*, you will get an added layer of protection as it will automatically place a call for help if it detects a fall and you are unable to push your button.

operator2Hear a reassuring voice
No matter the time or day, a trained Lifeline Response Associate will answer your call, access your profile, and assess the situation.

3 3Get assistance
After assessing the situation, our associate will contact a neighbor, family member, or emergency services based on your specific needs, and follow up to confirm help has arrived.



Getting the right help in a timely manner really can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Contact us now to discuss the options right for you. 

*AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, you should always push your button if you need help.

Title: Phillips Lifeline
Reviewed by Joan D.
Rating: 5.0
Description: Thank you for answering my call for help through my Lifeline. I was fine all day, sat down on my bed and couldn’t breathe. I live alone and am 78 years old. I yelled for help and thank goodness you heard me. I had congestive heart failure, pneumonia, bronchitis, and a minor heart attack… all at once. Again, bless you and thank you for my life back.